Jul 3 2014

TD Top 10 List of Antivirus Software (2014)

Almost a year back we provided a list of the top 10 antivirus which was among the most popular articles at our website. In order to continue the tradition we are back with the list of top 10
Jun 23 2014

Top 10 Android Games of 2014 till now

Games are among the most widely downloaded apps in the Playstore and with a range of games being released every day, the market is set to intensify. They are one of the segments which has witnessed a
Jun 14 2014

3 Important Reasons to have a Mobile Friendly Website

As per estimates it is predicted that the number of mobile internet users is set to cross the number of internet users on desktop and laptop. This figure is a clear indication that the next decade would
Jun 13 2014

LG G3: Specifications, Review and Price

LG G2 was a star performer and the awards it received last year has certainly increased the anticipation from the next release i.e. LG G3. The successor is expect to sport the huge 5.5” QHD screen and it
Jun 11 2014

Tips for cleaning and taking care of your touchscreen devices

Most of the hand held gadgets these days, especially the mobile phones come with touchscreens. All of them come with same kind of issues i.e. cleaning and maintaining. Although, the process of cleaning these devices is pretty
Apr 14 2014

4 Simple Habits to increase battery life of your Laptop

Laptops have certainly emerged as a mobile office for many professionals. They do come in handy when compared to the Personal Computers. Although, they help you to be more mobile and not affect your daily work, they
Apr 3 2014

The Top Five Mobile Fitness Apps

Health & fitness have become major categories in mobile app markets. People who want to either remain in shape or get in shape are always looking for helpful tools, and this is just what dozens of high
Apr 1 2014

How to fix Windows Explorer has Stopped Working Problem?

We all like working on our PC with uninterrupted interface and would get quite irritated if it hangs up or becomes slow. The problem I am talking about is the one which shows “windows explorer has stopped
Mar 31 2014

Top 11 Most Popular Wearable Tech Gadgets

High Tech Gadgets seem to be everywhere and quite understandably has become among the most essential elements in our daily lives. While you might not be able to imagine a day without your cellphone, it’s quite possible
Mar 29 2014

HTC Desire 310 launched online for Rs.11,350/-

In the rush to release sub Rs.15,000/- most of the popular phone manufacturers have launched a wide range of phones recently. Motorola had recently featured its latest Moto G on FlipKart for Rs.13,999/-. Moreover, the segment has