Monitor your Computer Remotely Using Dropbox

By | June 29, 2013

Dropbox is a file sharing and syncing utility- that’s what you think? Then you’re wrong! It’s far more than that. Let’s just be creative and just think out of the box. So, what more can dropbox do, to make your daily life a lot more easier or even spy on a computer. Here are three situations that I want you to think about.

Situation-1: You’ve just saved an important doc file and shutdown your PC. The file is too much important you don’t want it to be stealth or get deleted by someone else. So, what will you do keep an eye on your PC , even if you’re away from it?

Situation-2: You’re a Parent,you’re going out for market and don’t want your kids to turn on the PC. What will you do if you wanna check if your kids have turned on the PC.


Situation-3: You want to check the activities done on someone’s computer remotely or check download progress of a torrent.

Well, this situations can be solved using Dropbox and AutoHotKey Script and Screen Capture software (SnagIt). This tutorial was originally posted on Labnol and is shared right here. Before starting the tutorial I want you to have an account on Dropbox and Download Autohotkey. So, lets dive in!

How to Monitor a Computer Using Dropbox and Autohotkey

The whole of the thing we are going to do is very simple. The idea is- we’ll let the computer take screenshots of the active screen and make the computer upload those screenshots to Dropbox, so that we can come to know the activities done on the computer.
So, as we have used SnagIt as a screen capture utility, we need to change it’s destination folder(the saved screenshot folder) to Dropbox Folder, so that the screenshots are directly uploaded to dropbox and can be viewed by you online or on other synced device. Next step is using the autohotkey script. We’ll make a hotkey for snagit to make it automatically take screenshots. For that open notepad file and type in the below given script and save the file with .ahk extension.

^f10:: Run snagit.exe
In the above script snagit.exe can be changed to the destination folder, where snagit is saved.
Now, we need to loop this thing again and again. We’ll use the hotkey script. Paste the below given code in the same file that you saved.


 Sleep, 300000 


This code will automatically press the snagit hotkey shift+F10 at every 5 minutes (5 x 60 x 1000). Make sure that you add the autohotkey file to computer startup, otherwise, your hard work will be in vain if the script doesn’t run. So, I think so the tutorial will be fully understood to you. If any queries be free to ask it in the comments. Hope it helped. Below is are some saved screenshots.


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