The trending and lucrative android game Subway Surfers is now available for free download on PC. Well, you’ll find many sites telling you to use the bluestacks platform to play subway surfers. But here I’ve brought you the .exe version of the game and not .apk. Well, for those guys who don’t know what’s bluestacks- Bluestacks is an android emulator that lets you run .apk files on your PC. Some of you won’t have a smartphone to play subway surfers. So the best option is the PC.  I’ll make you go step-by-step through the download and procedure to help you install Subway Surfers on your PC.

What’s the new experience with this PC Game?

Well, as you’re going to use the keyboard. Just use the up, down, left and right arrow keys to jump, dash, or go left and right. In Bluestacks you have to play the game as you would on a mobile. It means by the use of mouse and pressing the right click, sliding it left, right, up and down. However, that is really frustrating and time consuming as you need to be fast during the play. (and not even cool…). The trick used here is- the Autohotkey. Autohotkey is software that lets you do any function that you would do with a mouse easily using shortcuts (particularly for our situation). So, here the hotkey script is coded in such a way that the left, right, up and down sliding of mouse are given shortcuts to the respective arrow keys. Hence, you can play using the arrow keys rather than the mouse. Follow the steps given below:

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  • Step-1: Download the Subway file. (Click download.)
  • Step-2: Extract the files to a specific folder.
  • Step-3: Open the To play in keyboard folder and install Autohotkey.exe on your PC.1
  • Step-4: Run Subsurf.ahk file. (This is the actual hotkey script which runs in the system tray. Run the file whenever you want to play the game.)
  • Step-5: Open the Subway Surfers folder and run the subwaysurfers.exe file. You’re done!2
  • Step-6: Enjoy……!!

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