Top 5 Screen Recording Free Softwares for Windows

By | August 27, 2013
Screen casting or screen recording means capturing the activities going on your computer screen in form of a video. Screen recording can be used to show online tutorials (like you see on youtube), present your idea to someone, or to show an interactive presentation.
Here, I’ve came up with the top 5 free screen casting software, that’ll help you create awesome screen recordings and make your work easier. So, check out this top 5 list:
  1. Blueberry Flashback Recorder
  2. Screenr
  3. Rylstim Screen Recorder
  4. Camstudio
  5. Ezvid

1. Blueberry Flashback Recorder

bb flashback screen record
BB Flashback recorder captures your screen activities, sounds and also your webcam videos. It can also capture animations/graphics including 3D graphics. It provides you the full control over your video which includes- resolution settings, file type, quality and cursor highlighting. It gives you the power to create hotkeys to perform your recording tasks much faster. (So, that is why “Express”!). Can save video in formats including- FLV, AVI and SWF. Option to upload the video on youtube with one click. One bonus feature is that, you can also record your webcam and screen activities simultaneously.

2. Screenr

screen record screenr
Screenr is an online web app that lets you select particular area of your screen to record. It easy and fast to get your work done. The videos are directly saved in your account. You can record only max. 5 minutes for free, or else you can opt for the pro account. The app uses java to run and gives the facility to upload the videos to youtube or share it with your friends. Can export the file in mp4 format. No need to download the software, just get online on this site and start recording.

3. Rylstim Screen Recorder

rylstim screen record
Rylstim is just a simple recorder, which only lets you record screen and no further configuration is possible. You cannot record your sound or add text and give your video a better touch. You can make your mouse click more precise by choosing the mouse click options and you’ll find a red ripple effect in your video whenever you click. It’s just a basic recorder, best for those who just want to record the screen for short period. Hit “Start record” button, get onto your stuff and stop. You’re done!

4. Camstudio

camstudio screen record
Camstudio comes with many different option for configuration of your recorded video. It has all features necessary for screen casting like text, sound, effects and much more. You can resize the the screen to particular area to cut other unnecessary stuffs. You can record video at different frames (for example keeping 30FPS will record a smooth video). Best lightweight screen recorder. I use it!

5. Ezvid

ezvid screen capture
Ezvid comes with a good screen editing options. You can split your recording for each frame and add text or effect for that particular frame. It gives you a slideshow effect. You can add some pics to enhance the video or attach another video with it. Sound clips and recording is must. For gamers, they can enable gaming mode and record games when they are windowed.

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  1. YaktaAnderson

    I prefer using Screenpresso. It’s a modern tool working under any operating systems, including Windows 8.1. It uses few memory and is available in many languages.

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