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By | November 4, 2013
Facebook groups is one of the best utility to connect, share and learn from people you don’t know. You can also use a group as forum. It depends on you and the category you choose for groups. It’s difficult to find popular Facebook groups where you can learn and share your ideas. And the most difficult is if you’re not familiar to graph search.So, I’ve shared some most popular and must join groups. The groups are classified in different categories. I’ve chosen them on the basis of number of members, reputable group admins and the posts shared by members.

Technical Help Groups

1. facebook group
  With over 250,000 members is tech group where you can share and learn on topics like facebook, computers, Internet tools, Mobiles, Gadegets and Blogging. It’s an open group. And of course as the name says it also has a site. Ask any technical question you’ll get answer within an hour.

2.Online Helpmag

online helpmag facebook group
Online helpmag is Sri Lanka’s largest online technical help community with over 550,000 members. The group is more like a forum where you can ask for any technical help and they’ll reply you within 24 hours. With such a large community of technical minds you’ll surely find the solution to your problem. Don’t spam or just post crappy links just for promotion. Check their members guidelines in group description before joining.

3. Computer Tricks & help centre

facebook group computer tricks and help center
This group will help you with all your computer software and hardware problems ,troubleshooting and everything related to computers. You can also share something useful that can help the members. They also share tips for internet and cyber security. With 27,000 members it’s a must join group. You just need to be helpful to stay in the group or else you’ll be banned.

Programming Groups

1. Programming Logic

programming logic facebook group
Programming logic is programming group with seriously geeky programmers sharing their programming experience and knowledge. It’s a closed group with over 15,000 members. You’ll brain will surely gain GBs of knowledge through this group.
programming facebook group
A group with best programmers is what their description say. What made me rank them in this list is the competitions they conduct for programmers on various languages like C++, Java, Python, SQL and much more. Also their discussions are worth reading.

3. Game Development

game development facebook group
Now for all those addicted gamers who want to learn or are learning game development these group can help you out through whole of your game programming. You can ask them any game related question and also start a discussion. But the question should not be silly. Before joining the group do read their rules and follow them.

Blogging Groups

1. Smashing Bloggers

smashing blogger facbook group
Smashing bloggers are really smashing. This Open group aims in providing the blogger the best resource to make their blogger better. The bloggers can share their experience, tips and everything related to blogging. With over 9000 members the group is worth joining. Note: Don’t spam too much.

2. Guest Blogging group

guest blogging facebook group
The guest blogging groups aims in connect all the blogger that are interested in guest blogging. You can come and share about your blog and ask bloggers to publish a guest post. Share your ideas on guest blogging and discuss with the bloggers.

3. WordPress Warriors

wordpress warriors facebook group
WordPress warriors is administrated by the reputed blogger Kulwant Nagi of Blogging cage. Here you can share your blogging and SEO tips for wordpress. Ask any question related to wordpress and blogging. It’s an open group with experienced bloggers.
NOTE: Comment below some popular groups you’ve joined at and I may add them into this list. Soon adding some Android and web development related groups.

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    Hi, the Facebook groups that you’ve listed above are quite cool. Joining them to grow my network and hopefully garner more traffic to my blog as well.

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